Unifoil Carbon Tail 3 Pack




One outline.
Three different profiles.
Infinite possibilities…

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Technical Specifications

Each model is available in 13” (330mm) and 14” (355mm)

  • 13 suits lighter riders and more high-performance riding
  • 14 suits heavier riders (80 kg plus) or for increased pumpability

Unifoil designer Clifford Coetzer has come up with a novel approach to stablitizers that lets you find exactly the right feel to suit your riding style. Using the same cutting-edge stabilizer outline, he has created three very different profiles for back-footed, neutral and front-footed riders. Take the outline that suits you and shim it according to the conditions.

Shank Backfooted Symmetrical 50/50 foil
Shiv Neutral Flat/ asymmetrical foil
Shunt Front footed Reflex/ inside foil



Find your favorite tail of the 3, then use the other 2 tails to sand down in the chop shop and experiment with different sizes and profiles.

*Bolts sold separately

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13", 14"