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E-Foil Lessons


Depending on the rider’s experience and comfort level, our e-foil lesson will begin with 15-30 minutes of dry land safety training and a basic overview of the e-foil and controls. Once on the water and wearing the provided safety gear, students practice controlling the board on their stomach and knees until they are comfortable to stand. Our instructors will be close by and ready to give pointers as needed. Once the student is up and foiling on their own they will have the freedom to cruise around and practice riding on foil and turning. Everyone learns at a different pace and not everyone gets up on foil the first time. The learning process is rewarding and fun and is overall an amazing experience. The second lesson is discounted and a credit will be applied to the purchase of a new e-foil.

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Tow Foil Lessons


Tow foiling in our opinion is the best way to learn the sport of hydrofoiling. Our 2 hour 1-on-1 lesson will get you up and foiling as quickly and as safely as possible. Tow foiling maximizes your time on the board and on foil and is the best stepping stone for all foil sports. Start here, then dive down the rabbit hole of foiling and select the discipline that is right for you! For experienced foilers, we offer tow in wave foiling as well!

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Wing Foil and Downwind Foiling Lessons


Lets Go Wing Ding!!

We offer Land lessons and as well as lessons off of the ski with customer provided equipment. Land lessons on a skateboard are the cheat code to success. After a few sessions in a parking lot learning to control the wing, your new wing handling skills will be ready for the water. If you have never foiled before, we highly recommend a Tow Foil Lesson first! For customers who have their own equipment we also offer down wind lessons with jet ski assist.

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