Armstrong Foils Carbon Tail Foil – Surf 205



Fast and responsive to unleash your inner shredder.

The Surf 205 is a highly manoeuvrable stabiliser that enables tight and critical turns in the pocket. This design is derived from the low aspect HS212 (chopped HS232) which dedicated surf foilers found to be the ticket for foil surfing. The Surf 205 builds on that with refinements to the foil section, planform and thickness to unlock the most freedom on the wave.

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  • Derived from the HS212 (chopped 232).
  • Developed in conjunction with the new MA foil range.
  • New section and thinner profile with more camber.
  • Lower aspect for surfing in the pocket.
  • Consistent pitch stability.

Zippy Acceleration

The foil section is thin but with pronounced camber, decreasing drag while also improving lift, forward projection and acceleration. 

Consistent Pitch

Linear pitch characteristics throughout the full speed range even out front and back foot pressure, minimising lift spikes during acceleration and deceleration on the wave.

Broader Speed Range

A high camber section delivers the perfect blend of lift at low speeds to make getting onto foil easy, yet retains excellent controllability at high speeds.


Area: 205cm2
Span: 344mm
Aspect Ratio: 5.9
Angle relative to fuselage: -1.5 deg.

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