Takuma Kujira Helium 1750 Fullset

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A foil for everyone, for all levels, for all disciplines, for any conditions


• For everyone: light to heavy weight riders

• For all levels: beginners / intermediates / experts

• For all disciplines: surf foil / sup foil / wing foil / downwind

• For any conditions: light / medium / strong winds

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• The Helium is an ultra-versatile mid-aspect ratio foil, that is way more playfull that smaller foils with super high aspect ratio.

• It has a thicker profile than the Kujira with smooth-edged winglets designed to be less aggressive while still remaining super-efficient.

• Extra security added as the trailing edge is not too sharp and doesn’t cut while delivers plenty of speed.

• Great at pumping, the Helium is very fast to take off vs other foils. As an example, the Helium 1500 has the same lift as most 1700 from other brands.

• Even at low speed the Helium has a superb glide. This awesome glide makes the maneuvers super soft with great control on steering. Remains stable and smooth at high speed as the wind picks up and doesn’t stall.


• Carbon composite and lightweight helium foam core


Front wing 1750 / Performance in light wind

A real light wind session saver.
The Kujira Helium 1750 is perfect for entry-level and progression, and a real light wind session saver in under 15kts for intermediate to freeride experts.

• Great power control, playful and fun for all levels
• Very easy to handle and tolerant, perfect for beginners and progressing
• Excellent performance in light wind, fast in the turns and extremely stable

Back wing 218 / Performance in light wind

The 218 stabilizer will make the foil feel softer, locking it laterally and giving it more lift while facilitating maneuvers.

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