Foil Drive Assist Plus with Airline Travel Bundle



The Assist PLUS is the more upgraded more powerful version of the original Assist.

More power, more torque, greater efficiency, longer run times and additional controller features like cruise control presents and a throttle limiter.

Perfect for most foiling disciplines – Proficient downwind and wing ding riders or those looking for a super lightweight setup!

  • Once you place your order we’ll call you and collect the details on motor pod and cable length.
  • Do not use the Small 4.2ah battery for constant high throttle motoring like efoiling.

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Mast Compatibility and Motor Pods:  Please check the table HERE before ordering to check the measurements against our table. If your mast is not listed, please contact us!

Batteries: The Small 4.2ah Battery is perfect for proficient downwind and wing ding riders or those looking for a super lightweight setup. Read more about batteries HERE.

Cable Length: The motor is manufactured with the cable as a single piece for waterproofing. Read about selecting the right cable length for your application here.

Low Volume Prone Boards: Assist and Assist PLUS kits were intended for use on larger, SUP style boards.  There is a lot of great content on Youtube from several creators as there are some extra things to consider.

Install weight: 3.3kg
Operating Voltage: 28-32v
Max Thrust: 24.5kg (Aluminium Propellers)
Runtime (Generalised): 30min-2hrs depending on use case, battery and other variables.
Recharge time: Appx. 2hrs (Standard Battery)
Install time: 10mins


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