Foil Drive Assist MAX X Axis Integrated Mast



The Foil Drive Assist MAX with AXIS integration.

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This collaboration is for the AXIS rider who wants to embrace their Foil Drive, while preserving the streamline, highly responsive design of the AXIS masts. Designed for the entire foil line, the AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions.

While motor positions are fixed and cannot be changed once installed, the Axis x Foil Drive Mast Integration is perfect for riders who know exactly where they want their motor, and never want to move it.

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Select FoilDrive MAX Battery:

MAX Power Battery, MAX Sport Battery (available early 2024)

Select Integrated Mast Motor Height:

15cm 6", 20cm 8", 25cm 10", 70cm 27.5"