Takuma Morning Sun Foil Board



Molded to perfection
The Morning Sun is the ultimate prone foil board.

It delivers an incredible responsiveness while riding due to the unique construction and high quality prepreg carbon.

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A board with flawless design:
Thin cutout tail

The narrow tail gives better foot positioning and additional control with the foil during carving and tight maneuvers as it will minimize contact with the water.


The deep concave near the nose allows you to keep your front and back foot level on the board for better weight distribution and stability. The concave near the rails provides better control during turns.

Prepreg carbon construction

Carbon material that offers maximum stiffness and great strength to weight ratio. With a molded construction for a more precise outline compared to traditional hand shaped or CNC boards.

Narrow outline

For faster and easier paddling when catching waves. It delivers a smoother take-off.

Integrated carbon foil box

The built-in foil box is made with high quality carbon for additional stiffness and support. This creates a better and more direct response of the foil and a longer product duration.

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