Takuma CK Carbon Foil Board



A playful, dynamic and engaged ride

Pulling together our in-depth experience and expertise in foil and wing board designs, we have created the ideal wingfoil board which will suit the most demanding riders’ needs.
They have pure performance at their core yet are forgiving. With a perfectly balanced volume distribution, they are compact, shorter and responsive.

Whatever your riding conditions, the CK range works exceptionally.

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• Carbon

• Light and super stiff



• Compact and maneuverable

• Fast, reactive and highly responsive

• Delivering a playful, dynamic and engaged ride.



• G-Deck

The Gravity-Deck is a deep concave deck that lowers the rider center of gravity and enables perfect foot positioning.

The G-Deck allows to keep the front and back foot level on the board for better weight distribution and stability, leading to an enhanced connection with the foil.

The concave near the rails provides better control during turns and excellent control of the board in-flight.

No need to adjust foot positioning prior to taking off or during the flight, the G-Deck increases maneuverability and forgiveness during your entire session.


• Wide nose

Prominently shaped front end ensures overall stability and makes it forgiving on touchdowns.

The board is less sticking or slowing you down while avoiding nose dives as the board is gently pushed back from the water.


• Double concave hull

Two prominent concaves extending from the center of the board to the nose which enhance acceleration for early take offs and facilitate easy detachment from the water.

Delivers and extremely smooth touch-down and a natural rebound effect that absorbs impact and naturally aligns and stabilizes the board.


• Cutaway tail

The cutaway tail reduces the drag and allow a more efficient tail kick to get the board in the air.It offers the perfect platform for getting an instant reaction to pumping.

The flat surface around the US box ensures that the foil is positioned in the right angle.


• V-Rail

V-Rail design allows to keep momentum by reducing the drag, prevents the rails from catching the water through turns and stabilizes the board during touchdowns between bumps.

Volume distribution where you need it. More volume is kept on the deck for stability and less volume is touching the surface for forgiveness and efficiency.


• Carry Handle

Integrated Deep handle for easy carrying. Positioned on the bottom of the board to avoid interfering when foiling.


• Footstrap inserts

The multiple insert positions enable you to widen the footstraps span for improved trim and control while foiling, as you have the ability to micro-adjust your stance.

The footstrap options cover everything from V-shape to off-centered positions.


• Reinforced twin foil box

Strong and robust carbon Foil-Box that can withstand high amounts of pressure.The Box position is optimised to provide maximum trim options while always maintaining perfect balance.

Universal and compatible with most foil brands.

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