Code Foils S Series Front Wing



Designer Notes

The S Series is a wing for everybody and every discipline. We have designed this foil with a foil section that provides early smooth and predictable lift. With a mid to high aspect ratio and a high lift foil section the rider is able to use a smaller area foil to give more maneuverability, extreme glide and pumping efficiency to flow through turns and connect as many waves as you like. When pushed in the surf the wing tips will breach with ease and control and ride out of white water sections with confidence and stability under foot.

– Marcus, Ben, Dan and James


Available in 3 sizes to offer completely different characteristics to the rider’s quiver.

  • The ultimate all round wing, beginner to advanced
  • Prone, Wing, SUP or even Downwind this foil excels in all disciplines of foiling.
  • Adept in critical sections as well as drawing smooth flowing lines.
  • Suitable for all levels of rider.


720s (Span: 830 Area: 720cm2)

850s (Span: 900 Area: 850cm2)

980s (Span: 965 Area: 980cm2)


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720s, 850s, 980s, 1130s