Kaohi Wing Leash – Double Coil 5.5mm w/Wrist Cuff



Kāohi Double Coil 5.5 mm Leash works for Boards and Wings

  • Foil Board Leash  – Ankle or Calf Cuff AND
  • Wing-Foiler’s Wing leash – Wrist Cuff

Wing Foilers can control your WING with a  Kāohi Double Coil 5.5 mm with a Wrist Cuff.  This Wing Leash secures your Wing as you fly. The Wrist Cuff is designed to tighten easily with one hand. It’s offered in 6 foot lengths, and the double-coil design makes it compact and keeps it out of your way. Some foilers are accustomed to wearing an ankle cuff on their wrist to secure their wing, so that is always an option, too.

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6′ Double Coil 5.5 mm is available in BLACKBLUE, PINK,  GREEN, RED, & ORANGE!

Double Coil Advantage:

  • Reduces kinking and tangling up on itself, often a problem with standard coil leashes
  • Creates less drag by keeping your leash out of the water
  • Provides Wing Foilers control of their Wing without tangles, using either Wrist cuff or an Ankle cuff worn on the wrist
  • Reduces frustration, so you enjoy your time on the water
  • Offers comfort and durability, due to high quality, heavy duty construction
  • Designed specifically for Foiling; US patent pending

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Black, Light Blue, Pink