Kaohi Harness & Belt Leashes for Foil and Wing Boards



New Kāohi Harness Leash Collection

Securing your board leash to your Harness or Waist Belt can be a game changer when Down Winding, Wing Foiling and SUP Foiling.

Kāohi harness leashes connect directly to your Black Belt Waist Belt™ (sold separately or as a Combo), or to any other belt or harness.

Select from 2 connection options and 3 Kāohi Leash styles to create the harness leash that’s perfect for you!


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Connection options
  > Carabiner  – OR –
  > Soft hook and loop 

Kāohi Leash options
 > 10′ x 8 mm Continuous Coil – Black, Orange or Pink

 > 7′ x 8 mm Double Coil – Orange

> 6′ x 8 mm Double Coil  – Black, Blue, Pink

Our stainless steel carabiner creates a strong, quick connection.
If you prefer the consistency of dialing in your gear, then the durable, yet soft, hook and loop connection is the one for you.

When choosing your Kāohi harness leash, consider the length and weight of your board, your height, and the amount of tension and/or stretch you’d like in your leash. We offer 10 foot Continuous Coils, as well as 6 and 7 foot lengths of our Kāohi Double Coils, in multiple colors.  All include the patented Kāohi Grip railsaver handle, to control your board.

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Black, Orange, Pink


10' Continuous Coil, 7' Double Coil, 6' Double Coil


Carabiner Clip, Soft Hook and Loop (velcro)