Kaohi Wheeled Board Bags



Kāohi Wheeled Board Bags
for Hydrofoil, SUP Foil, Wing Foil & Prone Foil gear
Highest quality materials and workmanship

Before purchasing our bags, you must read the warranty and general use statements below.  Do not purchase our bag if you do not agree to our terms of sale.

6’6″ Wing/SUP Foil- Travel and storage bag for up to two boards, wings, pumps, foils, paddle, wetsuits, etc. Exact capacity dependent on your gear configuration.                                                                                                                     5′ 5″ Wing/Prone Foil – Travel and storage bag for up to two prone or small wing boards, foils, pumps, wings, wetsuit, etc. Exact capacity dependent on your gear configuration.

6’6″ Bag External 6’6′ x 32″; wt: 22.2 lb
5’5″ Bag External  5’5″ x 25″; wt: 16.8 lb
   *Dimensions may vary slightly

Key features:

  • Wheels for ease of transport
  • Heavy duty water resistant external covering
  • Heavy duty zippers outside, Medium duty zippers inside
  • 10 mil foam padding on the inside of top, bottom and side walls
  • Internal pockets for storage 
  • Padded board separator
  • Handles on front, back and one side
  • ID card slot
  • Side snug-down straps
  • Drag bars on bottom (two on 5’5″ bag; three on 6’6″ bag)

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Kāohi Travel Bag Warranty and General Use Statement  – MUST READ before you purchase this product

We inspect each bag for quality. Once you take possession of your new bag there is no guarantee that the bag will protect your board from damage caused by any source.  Such sources include but are not limited to: Airlines, Airline travel, Storage on the roof of a vehicle, Sun, Weather, Theft, Vandalism, Storage in a hot car, back bed of any vehicle, etc.

The airlines will definitely damage your bag and possibly your gear if not packed correctly. This damage is not a product defect.  Purchaser is responsible for packing their gear to avoid damage.

In summary:

  • No warranty is offered on Kāohi board and travel bags and are all sold “as is”
  • No warranty for damage or loss of use to your gear or bag when traveling
  • No warranty for airline damage to your bag or gear
  • No warranty for any gear damage if you leave your board in a Kāohi bag in the hot sun or in a hot car
  • Purchaser of bag understands that the airlines will charge exorbitant fees for board bags and it is purchaser’s duty to pack the back properly in order to reduce these board bag fees
  • Purchaser understands that this is a heavy duty bag and weighs a little bit more than cheaper bags. This may affect the cost to travel with a Kāohi bag. You must weigh your bag before you travel to keep it under a desired weight or cost

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