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Armoured Labs™ Surf Guard is a Marine-Grade Ceramic Nano Coating designed specifically to protect, prolong and enhance the life of your Paddleboards, Inflatables, Surfboards, Skimboards, Foil Boards, Foils, sunglass lenses, and Inflatable Wings and Sails. It’s a completely non-toxic formula designed to give your boards and accessories the ultimate protection when in use. Armoured Labs™ Surf Guard provides a layer of ceramic protection for your boards and accessories protecting against harmful UV rays, and abrasions; and provides an ultra-hydrophobic surface for fast take-offs, reduced drag and suction. Armoured Labs™ Surf Guard, an all-in-one solution to protect, prolong and enhance. 


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100% Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly formula

UV resistant to maintain colour lustre

Abrasion resistant to keep your gear looking pro

Ultra-hydrophobic for Extra Glide, Fast Take Offs, Reduced Drag and Suction

Ultra-hydrophobic also means less grime and easier cleaning

Improves Equipment Longevity

Can be used over boards and accessories including EVA foam

Apply in minutes, spray on, and buff off for boards. Spray on, leave on for sails

Also for use on sunglasses providing abrasion resistant and ultra-hydrophobic layer of protection.

Suitable for salt and fresh water


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