Lift Foils Carbon Fiber Masts – Lift Classic 32 Mast



Lift masts are made of full carbon fiber pre-preg for the ultimate performance and weight. When comparing a carbon fiber mast to an aluminum mast, the carbon is going to give you a much livelier and responsive feel with less weight.

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Lift’s carbon fiber 32″ Mast is perfect mast when the surf gets a little bigger and faster. The increased height provides more room for error, and allows you bank tight turns without your wing tips breaching the surface.

The 32″ Mast pairs really well with our High Aspect front wings.

Our 32″ Mast comes with a protective cover and all needed hardware.

NOTE: This is a mast only, to be used for classic (non eFoil) foiling only. If you have an eFoil, you need a propulsion system, which is a complete unit comprised of a mast, motor, and propeller.

32″ Mast
Hardware Kit
Protective Cover

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